Once Again Practical Effects beat CGI


A lovely Film from AirBnB

Don't get us wrong, at the iPC, we love awesome special effects and animations created from nothing other than imagination within a creatives mind and the digital realm. However, CGI just can't duplicate the charming imperfections that occur organically when you are shooting REAL subjects with a REAL camera. And the following film, as well as the BEHIND THE SCENES which accompanies, prove our point exactly.

Sometimes it requires 85 takes to get the shot just right–yes, 85 TAKES!!! But the creative minds at TBWA/Singapore as well as the artisans they have employed to create this tiny world for AirBnB have included all of the necessary details required in this simple and elegant short film and on their 85th try, they all came together brilliantly.

Even if tiny figurines might give you the creeps, and some of these figurines features in this film were even modeled from real AirBnB customers, you ought to give these films a few minutes out of your day. The main film, which can be seen HERE– http://youtu.be/dA2F0qScxrI – is only a minute long, so make sure to take the extra 2 minutes to see the behind the scenes, which can be viewed HERE– http://youtu.be/TqcCMFVBr7Y . You will be inspired and glad you watched both.