Motion Pictures Aid in the Redskin's Debate


These are the types of films we like to make at the IPC.

Showcased first on YouTube just before the Superbowl and once again during Game 3 of the NBA finals, this spot just goes to show that ads really CAN fire people up (even despite the ice cold performance by the Heat). In this spot, the Oneida Indian Nation and the National Congress of American Indians aimed their all-mighty bow and arrow to NFL commissioner, Roger Goodell, and Redskin owner, Dan Synder, with hopes of surrendering the racist name of the Washington D.C football franchise. Anyways, the short video lists a litany of tribes, names, and descriptive adjectives token to the Native American culture. And if the images and dialogue weren’t enough for you to arise the tribal counsel, the video delivers a brutal Indian rope burn in the closing— “Native Americans call themselves many things. The one thing they don’t...” and then flashes to a photo of a Redskin’s helmet… Boom. We don’t know about you guys but here at the IPC we've already joined the pow wow and are dancing in beaded jackets and moccasins that may or may not have been recently purchased at Goodwill.

Check the short film out HERE and let us know which team you're on.