He/She thinks the way we like

Two Internet Ads showcasing thought, plus, a bonus

Today we showcase two great thinkers: one fictitious, one real, although the fictitious one was created by a genius in our opinion, or at the very least, a team of visual brains.

The first is from Campari.

And the creative geniuses behind it are ADULT (see their website | HERE | ), a belgium production company, and  Mori Inc. and Lernert & Sander, the creative companies.

In each one of the three pieces, a question is posed—how to turn right-side-up an upside-down Campari cocktail. A minimalist, waxen environment, draws our eyes (and interest) to a woman in a red dress, the red cocktail, two stylish helpers, and one large block of ice. In each case, something visually fantastic happens, leaving our femme fatale, drink in hand, and us, curiously thirstier for Campari (who provides the drink recipe at the end of each).. 


Interestingly, to achieve the clarity of the ice block involved a six-week slow-freezing technique, and the film makers were forced to use LED lighting (cool) lighting to keep it from melting. Cheers, Campari geniuses and woman in Red.

The other episodes of the series are here


And Let's Jump to the Bonus

Sometimes, you discover the best stuff when you are trying to report on something you thought was "just" great. This mysterious short film was produced by ADULT. Let us know what you think below.



Now for the Second Bit of Genius (Actually Third)

And it comes from Joseph Gordon-Levitt and his team at HitRecord. They collaborated with LG and devised a simple yet clever and entertaining little spot called "The In-Between Moments." And what a idealistic premise he concocted for the fun final: that "the in-between moments give life its texture". Truth or not, we think each of these videos are worth a watch, and we will be paying a little bit more attention to our own "in-between moments."

We recommend watching the behind the scenes first, and then, watching the actual commercial. After all, we almost never get to see things in that order, so, why not try our perspective.


behind the scenes

The commercial