Good and Teary

When Memories of Childhood Sync with Parenthood Experiences


I got back from France a month ago, from a two-week vacation with my wife and nearly two-year old daughter, and it was a good trip. While traveling with a toddler can be a challenging experience, the rewards more than make up for the frustrations and inconveniences. One of these rewards is getting to witness your own kid's experiential growth minute by minute—her discovery of ancient corridors in a mediterranean town or of mountains in the Alps which are has high as the moon. The sights are unusual and provoke new curiosities, even in us adults. 

Back here, at home, this growth is taken in during fleeting moments within our routine and busy lives; they are interrupted by some form of revelation (if we are even paying attention), like the utterance of a new word or the mastery of a new skill, after all, our children spend most of their time away from us at school. So, it has become clearer to me now how important this vacation time is with our children. [Parents of older kids may be reading this saying, duh, Todd]

I wanted to highlight the above commercial produced for Thompson, a UK travel company which also owns its own international fleet of aircraft. I believe this short motion picture, captures the essence of my first real vacation experience with Caroline and creates in me a longing to be back with her, in a foreign land, observing and reveling alongside of her, and of course, comparing my observations with my wife over a delicious and relatively inexpensive glass of French wine. Maybe, next year, but until then, I can appreciate the heart of this ad, and remind myself, to keep my gaze in the direction of my daughter as much as possible.

If you are interested in how Digital Air created the effect using what they call "Time Track" you can view the Behind the scenes HERE.



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