Everyone Loves Creepy Cat Videos


Well, this one's not so creepy but it's still good ...

And proof that a company can simultaneously appeal to both cats and dogs at the same time, like Mick Jagger singing Revolution. The TV ad, made for British telcom company O2, is part of a campaign using all of today's latest digital tools for story telling without losing the charm and memorability of a classic advertisement, without once showing the product, too. 

The campaign also encourages mobile phone to desktop computer interactivity through a cleverly designed website. We absolutely love this type of thing. It is all produced by MPC, the spot and the website. We suggest you check out both.  


What Every Uncle Should Know


Expressed in this minute-long spot from the RedCross.

The spot is designed to lead you to a website which provides critical information for any would-be or already-is child care human being.  It's pretty funny and has a lot of heart. We think we have all been there at least once in our lives. My episode involves a sneaky 4-year old and a bottle of maple syrup. The client is the American Red Cross and the spot was created by BBDO Atlanta.